Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Wu is one of the five major styles of Tai Chi. It is appropriate for any age student and can accomodate people of all physical abilities including those with physical limitations. It is a non-impact, weight bearing form of gentle exercise. In addition to strengthening muscles, increasing bone density, increasing flexibility and balance, it is called "moving meditation."  It has been shown to have a positive impact on the functioning of the immune system.  At Chung's School, we teach basic exercises, forms, chi kung (breathing exercises) as well as self-defense applications of Tai Chi. Head Tai Chi instructor is Yolanda Quintero. All classes are taught by Yolanda Quintero and Sifu Chung. 

Wu Tai Chi is under the direct control and supervision of Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, Fifth Generation Grand Master , eldest son of Master Wu Tai Kwei, head of the Wu Family and Gatekeeper of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Yolanda and Sifu Chung study under Sifu Wu's Disciple Sifu Genie Parker and attend twice yearly training with Sifu Wu.